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Geyser Jug Replacement Cartridge
Geyser Jug Replacement Cartridge
Geyser Jug Replacement Cartridge
Geyser Jug Replacement Cartridge

Geyser Jug Replacement Cartridge

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  • Replacement filtering cartridge for our range of jugs.

  • One cartridge is effective for up to 350 litres.  So typically will need replacing every two or three months, but of course this depends entirely on how much water your household drinks!

  • So if you filtered four pints a day, one cartridge may be effective for even up to five months.

  • You can buy one cartridge at a time, or get three at a discounted price.

  • And it filters at up to half a litre a minute using our powerful three-step filtering process. Our filtering technology dramatically reduces impurities and hardness while keeping the healthy minerals in the water. You'll find taste, clarity and odour of the water is greatly improved.

  • Plus, our filtering process significantly reduces (and in some cases entirely removes) chlorine, heavy metals, insoluble and suspended particles, bacteria and viruses, iron, organic compounds, carcinogens, pesticides, and hardness.

  • The cartridges will be sent out to you quickly, to help ensure you always have purer, fresher water at home.

  • And we offer you a 30 day no-questions-asked refund window, so you can order and try this product out with absolute confidence. 


How Our Jug Filters Work

Our filtering jug cartridges take a three-step approach to filtering impurities and hardness from your water:

  1. As the water pours into the cartridge, it first encounters a filtering material that removes suspended particles including sand and rust.

  2. Next the water encounters our ion-exchange resin along with high-quality activated charcoal with silver. This part of the cartridge greatly reduces chlorine, dissolved iron, hardness, organic compounds, and improves the taste, clarity, and odour.

  3. And the third level contains our unique patented "Catalon" filtering material that further reduces heavy metals, along with bacteria and viruses (this is particularly rare among water filtering jugs).
Typical cartridge life span: 350 litres
Typical filtering speed: Up to 0.5 litres per minute
Supports water up to: 40°C


Typical Removal Effectiveness During Life of Cartridge



Independently Tested

Perhaps you're asking yourself:

  • "Will this filter really clean my water?"

  • "Is it better than what the competitors offer?"

  • Or perhaps more specifically, "Is this product actually any good?" :)

Well, we certainly understand your concerns, and we don't want you to just take our word without any proof!...

Millions of Customers Worldwide

Our filtering technology is now used by over 20 million customers worldwide, with most of these customers in Asia and Europe, although we're now also distributing our products to the English-speaking world...

We estimate that well over 100 million litres of water every single day is filtered using our products.

Plus, the technologies we've developed have been independently confirmed by more than 20 patents and have been recognized by leading scientific organisations including:

NSF International

Our products match or exceed the requirements set down by NSF, the public health and safety organisation.

The Wellthy Corporation (part of Mitsubishi Chemical)

Since our products are sold in Japan, the technology has been tested to verify they match Japan's strict water purification requirements.

Institut Pasteur

In 2014 the French-based Institut Pasteur, a non-profit foundation founded in 1888 by the famous chemist Louis Pasteur, independently confirmed Geyser filters removed the following to 99.9999%: poliovirus, rotavirus, legionella and salmonella.

Further Tests & Verification

  • Ferrara Research University (Italy) - Department of Microbiology
  • Ahlstrom Filtration Company (US) - R&D Institute of Flu
  • RAMS Research Institute on Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene

    Plus, this technology is verified and protected by over 20 patents.  Many more details regarding our patents and independent testing can be found on this page.


    Product Warranty & Our Promise to You

    We want you to be absolutely thrilled with what you receive from us. Actually... we expect you to be 100% delighted to use our products for years to come!

    However, if for any reason at all that isn't the case, just send back the product within 30 days and we'll return the full purchase price to you. No quibbles, no hassles at all. :)


    Use & Installation

    It's very quick and easy to replace your existing cartridge...

    Step 1 - Remove your existing cartridge, then screw the new cartridge into the jug in a clockwise fashion:


    Step 2 - Pass water through the filter until the water becomes transparent:


    Step 3 - Pour away this water, and then the jug is all set for you to use: