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Make Much Purer, Healthier, and Softer Water Part of Every Single Day With Geyser Water Filters

Welcome to Geyser Water Filters

Discover Purer, Healthier, Softer Water

Don't you think it's time you truly started benefiting from healthy, clean water every single day?

Since 1986, our goal has been to manufacture and distribute water filtering solutions that remove more impurities and hardness than most (if not all) other solutions on the market.

Now, with over 20 million customers worldwide, patented technology, and independently verified claims, we feel confident that our solutions are market-leading. 

And - we also feel incredibly confident that you'll be absolutely thrilled with the quality of water our solutions give you every single day.

What Makes Us Unique?

Yes, we know we're not the only company on the market offering water filtering solutions.  But... can our competitors make the same claims we can:

• Our technology was initially developed in 1986, and has been worked on and improved every year since then.

• Our technology is independently verified and patented.

• Our technology cleans over 100 million litres of water every single day (this is a very conservative estimate in fact).

• Our filtering technology is used in homes, in businesses, on boats, in manufacturing, and even in water treatment plants.

Explore Our Product Lines

Option 1: Our Range of Filtering Jugs

If you've never filtered your water before - or - are simply looking to try out our products, our filtering jugs are a fantastic place to start.

They're very affordable, convenient, powerful, and long-lasting.  In fact:

• Since our jugs use our market-leading technology, they remove more impurities from your water than most (if not all) of the competition. 

• They also filter quickly - and - last a long time.  While other filtering jug solutions need a new cartridge every 100 litres, ours filter effectively for up to 350 litres.  Yes, really.  This means you may just need three cartridges for the entire year, rather than one cartridge a month that other solutions require.

And once you have one of our jugs, you may feel that's all you need for your water filtering requirements.  If so, we understand.

Or... you may love the water it gives you so much that you choose to upgrade to one of our even more powerful installed filtering solutions.  With these solutions, you can get tremendously powerful water purification straight to every tap in your home.

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Option 2: Our Range of Installed Filtering Solutions

Yes, we know, our filtering jugs are fantastic!  But...

What if... you never needed to manually filter your water again?

What if... every time you turned on your tap, your water automatically had impurities and hardness removed?

And not just in your kitchen, but to every tap (and shower) in your home, so that:

• There's no more limescale build up in pipes, in appliances, in your boiler, on taps...

• Your water is clean, fresh, and healthy for drinking and cooking (with healthy minerals kept in), and also for cleaning and washing...

• This means better tasting food, "no streak" cleaning, much healthier water for your skin and hair...

Honestly, consider our jugs simply a stepping stone, with the next step up being our installed solutions that will automatically fill your life with much fresher, cleaner, and healthier water every single day.

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Looking For Filter Cartridge Replacements?

Replacement Cartridges For Filtering Jugs

Although our jug filter cartridges work longer than most (if not all) of the competition...

After 350 litres of filtering, we recommend you replace the cartridge to help ensure you continue to benefit from clean, fresh, healthy water.

So let's say that on average your household gets through 3 litres of water a day - around 6 pints or so if you prefer imperial rather than metric!

That's still 115 days of filtering, which is close to four months!  Honestly, while our competitors are talking about monthly cartridge replacements, you may only need two or three cartridges for a whole year.

So... when it's time for a replacement - or - if you're looking to plan ahead by stocking up now, then order replacement cartridges directly through us here and they'll be sent right out to you.

Order Jug Replacement Cartridges Here

Replacement Cartridges For Installed Systems

Since the filter cartridges for our installed solutions are significantly larger than for our filtering jugs, they filter faster and last longer.

In fact, some of our filtering cartridges work very effectively for up to 50,000 litres.  It depends how much water your household (or your business... or your boat...) uses on a daily basis of course, but filtering 50,000 litres could take you a rather long time...

So, with our installed solutions, replacing the cartridges generally isn't something you need to worry about for a while.  That said... it certainly doesn't hurt to have a spare or two on hand.

And with our installed solutions, once the cartridges are no longer filtering effectively, this becomes crystal clear since water stops flowing through quickly.  So when the filtering rate slows dramatically, you know it's time for a replacement.

So whether you're planning ahead, or need a replacement cartridge urgently, order your replacement cartridges here and they'll be sent right out to you.

Order Cartridges for Installed Systems Here

Have Questions Or Need Support?

Book a Consultation or an Installation

If you're thinking of purchasing one of our installed systems but would like to speak with someone before you do, please book a free consultation and we'll be very happy to answer your questions and advise you.

Or if you're an existing customer and would like our nationwide network of installers to help you easily get everything set up and working, we'll be very happy to help you with that too.

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Any Questions? Get In Touch

If you're an existing customer of ours and would like some help with your order, or if you're thinking of becoming a customer, we'd be delighted to help you.

Whether you're unsure of which is the right product for you - or - if you have any general or support queries regarding the products you've purchased from us previously, please get in touch and we'll be very happy to help.

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Where & How Our Products Are Used

For Homes

Our filtering solutions are ideal for the home.  Whether you're just looking for an easy to use (yet remarkably effective) filtering jug, or an installed solution that works for you automatically, we'd love to help you experience much cleaner water every day.

For Businesess

If much purer water with the hardness removed would be beneficial for your business and your customers, then consider our installed filtering solutions that work for you automatically.  A natural fit for cafes and restaurants of course, but also for dentists too... in fact any business that uses a lot of water, can benefit by removing the impurities and hardness.

For Health & Fitness

Everyone wants great health.  And whether you're simply looking after your own health, or advising your clients on their health and fitness, purer water can only be beneficial.  And with deep connections in the fitness and health markets, we love to help make people healthier inside and out.

For Boats

Much purer water on board your vessel is essential - for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning.  And rather than depending on dozens (or even hundreds) of bottles, and rather than using low quality filtering over providers offer, our solutions give you fantastic quality water, however far from land you may be.

For Aquariums

Fish have no desire to swim in impurities every day, of course.  And hardness in the water creates limescale in pipes, in tanks, in all your equipment...  So if you're looking to help keep your fish healthy and happy, while also helping all your equipment stay in tip-top shape, consider our filtering solutions that remove the vast majority of impurities and hardness from water, and work for you automatically.

For Travel & Caravans

Whether in a caravan, in a tent, or wherever in the world you may find yourself... fresh, healthy water may not always be easy to find, even if access to water is plentiful.  And rather than weighing yourself down with bottles, consider our filtering solutions that can rapidly remove most impurities (including even many viruses and bacteria) from the water you do have access to.